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Post-Internet Fashion Design Strategies with Marie Genevieve Cyr - E17

Post-Internet Fashion Design Strategies with Marie Genevieve Cyr - E17

Host Beata Wilczek calls on leading minds, from researchers and technologists to designers, artists and activists, to look at the emerging fashion futures and digital cultures in changing times.

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Fashion, inherently a part of visual cultures, not only references and impacts various art forms but naturally soaks them up. Post-internet art is a genre that reflects and critiques the cultural, social, and aesthetic impact of the digital age, emphasizing how the internet influences our understanding of relationships, values, networks, and art itself. How can fashion be in dialogue with the digital and internet art, mirroring and shaping this contemporary artistic narrative?

Marie Genevieve Cyr is a fashion designer, artist, and educator. Her most recent research examines the politics of abstract desire, hyper-reality, hyper-consumption, and the online social space - the internet. She is interested in new questions on how do Post-Internet artistic strategies influence fashion design practices.

Cyr is an Associate Professor of Fashion Design and the Director of the BFA Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design. She has an MA in Visual Culture/Fashion Theory from New York University, a BA in Design and Applied Arts from the Edinburgh College of Art and a Certificate in High Impact Leadership from the Institute for Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge, UK.

What are post-internet fashion design strategies?

"This entails strategies aimed at examining and critiquing practices rooted in the digital sphere or ideas that have sprouted due to the internet, yet manifesting physically. Given that fashion often serves as a tangible expression that adorns our bodies, it intrigued me to explore the practice of post-internet art, which gained momentum in the late 00s.

This new generation of artists was captivated by the idea of attending physical exhibitions and experiencing art in person, all while maintaining a connection to the online realm. This concept lies at the core of what post-internet art means. It's distinct from traditional internet art, which primarily exists in digital form. Instead, post-internet art is a physical manifestation."

- Marie Genevieve Cyr

Cyr has spent extensive time in Asia, more specifically China, studying design practices. In addition to Parsons School of Design, Cyr has created and taught experimental design processes workshops for universities such as Donghua University (Shanghai), Royal College of Art (UK), Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), China Academy of Art (Hangzhou), HEAD (Geneva), and various art organizations. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Red Gate Gallery (Beijing, China, 2014), and Palazzo Monti (Brescia, Italy, 2019).

Source: Unfolding Strategies

Host: Beata Wilczek
Guest: Marie Genevieve Cyr
Music: SKY H1
Production: Julia Kąkolewska

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